Apartment Complex Promotions

Promote your apartment complex with a Virtual Prize Wheel. It could be used to get new tenants in or to keep the old ones in. There are many different ways of using the wheel to help your business. New tenants’ appreciation, someone signs a lease and they get a chance at the wheel. Winnings could be many of things, such as discount of rent, gift certificates, etc… It could also be an incentive for your tenants to pay their rent on time. If they pay by the 10th, then they get a chance to spin the wheel. If the prizes are intriguing, there is more incentive for the tenants to pay on time.


Moving Companies Promotions

Promote your moving company with the Virtual Prize Wheel! When people are moving they go and search for the best deal. They go from website to website, why not stop them at yours with giving them a chance to win. If they win something, such as a discount on their next move, they more then likely will choose you over the next moving company. They will inform their friends of the virtual prize wheel on your site and they will probably use you the next time they move. It will help increase sales and keep people coming back.

Fitness/ Recreations Sports Centers

Promote your location with the Virtual Prize Wheel. With the New Year here and New Years Resolutions to be done, the fitness and recreational centers are one of the hot spots. With people looking and comparing location to location to find which would be the best for them, attract them to yours by giving them a chance to win. Once they win, they will have to come to your physical location to redeem it. Once they are there, they will get a first hand look at your place.

Use the Virtual Prize Wheel as a Monthly Promotion for current members or a visitors incentive. People enjoy having a work out partner and most fitness centers allows you to bring a guest. Once they bring their guest in they will see the Kiosk for the Virtual Prize Wheel. This will be an incentive for them to join your fitness or recreational center, especially if they win a discount towards signing up.

With all the data that you collect through the Virtual Prize Wheel, you can get to your members and guest easily each month.

Chamber of Commerce Promotion

Promote your region by using the Virtual Prize Wheel. Tourists are always look for new places to visit and more then likely start online. Attract them with giving them a chance to win something that would benefit them while they are visiting your region. You could ask the fellow businesses in your region to help fill up the wheel with different prizes or coupons, such as dinner for two at a local restaurant, 50% off stay at a local hotel, etc… With this, it will attract those potential tourists to come to your region to redeem their prize or coupon. Hopefully they will like their stay and will continue to come back year after year.

Radio Stations / TV Promotions

Promote your Radio or Television Station with the Virtual Prize Wheel. With the way technology is going, people are more apt to go online to listen to the radio or watch past shows. You can entice them to do this by having a Virtual Prize Wheel on your website. There are many ways of making the wheel work for you. Use it for Weekly/Monthly giveaways or Event Ticket Giveaways. Doing this will increase the flow of people to your website. Imagine all the new subscribers it could bring. It will help your brand get recognized with this innovative engaging promotion.

Creative Real Estate Promotion

Promote your real estate company with a Virtual Prize Wheel. When people are looking into buying a home, more then likely they start online. Attract those possible homebuyers to your website by offering a chance to win. Once they are there, they will check out your current listings and maybe spot something they like. It’s a win/win situation.  To redeem their prize they will have to come to you. This will give you a chance to talk to the possible homebuyers face to face. Another way it could be used is at Open Houses. Possible homebuyers come through to check out the house and before they leave, hand them a card to let them know that they have gained a chance to spin your Virtual Prize Wheel. They’ll be coming back to you…

To increase sales, you could use the Virtual Prize Wheel internally. Use it as a Sales Incentive. This will help get your agents to be more productive and essentially increase the sales.

Website / In-Store Retail Promotion

Promote the Virtual Prize Wheel at your store. Shopping is a many peoples favorite past time and with the economy the way it is, they are always looking for deals. When customers come to your website and see the virtual prize wheel, they will take a chance at winning something. Then this will direct them to your physical location to redeem their prize and or coupon. Once you have them, you can do monthly giveaways. This will keep your customers coming back. This will help keep your customers during the slow times.

The Virtual Prize Wheel could also be promoted right from your physical location. Set up a kiosk at the entrance. When they see that there’s a chance to win something, this will attract the window shoppers to come in and possibly buy something.