Gravity Forms Games

Gravity Forms Games are awesome and we’ve added games as an enticement for people to complete a survey or questionnaire. Use questionnaires to educate people about your business and then reward the participants with a branded game and the chance to win great giveaways. Use Brand Gaming as a motivation to certainly drive participation to your Gravity Forms surveys and Polls. Not everybody is thrilled to fill out a form or take a quiz, however, Brand Gaming Interactive Games has found a reason to make Gravity Forms fun. The combination of the Promotional Interactive Game System from Brand Gaming and Gravity Forms creates a brand new marketing experience.

Gravity Forms Games
Gravity Forms Games

There are many uses for the Gravity Forms Games including lead Generation, promotion of new products and services, research new marketing ideas and employee surveys. Gravity Forms is the industry standard when it comes to making and easy-to-administer quizzes, polls, surveys, and questionnaires. Gravity Forms may be scored by pass or fail or by a letter grade and additionally come with many options to guarantee a successful survey or trivia quiz. These forms are used by many companies around the world to gather contact information, customer feedback, and research data.

Interactive Branded Games paired with Gravity Forms Games is an amazing way to encourage fun and gather data from your target audience. Participants start by taking the survey or questionnaire. The survey can be optionally scored or graded. After completion of the quiz, the player is immediately redirected to a branded interactive game with the passed URL variables information. Scored forms with better scores may represent a more valuable lead and therefore the better prize they might receive. Url variables are used to pass data and information between the survey and the game. Information such as company data, names, and email address is recorded in the game’s backend to be retrieved later.

Gravity Forms Games will always drive customer participation. By placing a game at the end of the form, people are much more likely to fill it out! Games that are available for the Survey Game system are Slot Machine, Prize Wheel, Golf, Scratch Off and Plinko.

Tablet Interactive Marketing

Tablet technology is driving new interactive marketing tools. The fast growth of the tablet will allow businesses to engage current or potential customers in new ways.

Virtual interactive marketing games collect marketing data and increase brand awareness. Creative mobile applications such as the Virtual Prize Wheel is fast becoming an important tool for consumer engagement..

Photos and demos coming soon.

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Virtual Scratch Off Marketing Game

Gamification is the use of game design techniques to engage audiences. This Virtual Scratch Off  marketing game does just that, as well as acts as a lead generator and prize or coupon distribution system Incentive Promotional Marketing is a powerful method of connecting businesses with consumers.   Brand Gaming offers odds & inventory controlled interactive promotions.

SMS Virtual Prize Wheel

All New SMS Virtual Prize Wheel

Text the word: Spin to 27126 and you will receive a code to Spin.  Update: We canceled this service.  It did work great!

This Virtual Prize Wheel gives you the ability to collect both the player’s mobile number and their email address.

This is a demonstration and we will not be using your mobile number other
than to send you the code to play.

All New: SMS to Screen Game


Interactive Banner Ads – Prize Wheel

Plenty of companies say they have interactive banner ads but they are not so interactive. This ad is truely interactive. You play the ad itself, without being redirected or tricked into a long survey to play.

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QR Code Interactive Promotions

Interactive QR Code Games for the iPhone / Android

Mobile QR CODE Games

Below is an example of an actual Restaurant Table Talker – Prize Wheel Promotion.

More Information is at

You set the odds, you set the prizes or coupons. A branded email is sent to all players.

Radio Station Promotion Ideas

Below are a few no brainer promotions. I bet creative radio marketers could find many others.

Basic: Add it to the website to engage listeners to build your email database.

Use the Unique Code to Spin and post a unique code to Facebook every hour for the first person to get to the wheel. Or go read off the secret code to push people to the website to play.

This is a great example of how to use this on Facebook to build followers

Sell sponsor-ships for each prize level. Then within each prize level of the email that is sent will contain additional graphical coupons or messages specifically from the advertiser.

Sell the Wheel to a single sponsor and run it from the stations website. Build the campaign to include the wheel and the chance to win from the sponsor. You will find an increased response rate for the advertiser and they get the email list of all the players.

Have a single grand prize and stretch the promotional period as long as possible, then instead of doling out prizes almost everyone that spins will be entered for a second chance to win. This promotion can be tied to our system that send out a unique code in each email. They can later come back and use that code on the Unique Code to Spin Wheel.

Use at Remotes running at full screen, instead of the old ballot box stations use.


Surveys with Incentives

On receipts or on business cards ask patrons to visit your website to participate in a survey and for a chance to win a prize. Once they fill out a survey they will be redirected to your Virtual Prize Wheel. You collect valuable data and they have engaged with your brand.
That’s Win Win Marketing

Facebook App Prize Wheel

In the small seaside town of Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts is the highly acclaimed Day Spa.  While tranquility is happening within it’s doors, the same cannot be said for what is going on at their Facebook Fan site. 

The Facebook Prize Wheel Marketing App allows people to take a Spin from the Fan Site and post to all their friends Walls increasing the spa’s visibility and name recognition. Pushing people into their Fan site and interacting with the Brand is the goal. It only took one person to post after the Spin to get the viral effect in motion.

Below is an actual posting to the Wall.



This style of a post no longer exists.