We had the coldest 1st 3 months on record here in Iowa this year. Which is really just an addition to the hefty clue by four the disappearing sea ice has been pounding us with. That’s weather—-damned inconvenient, but only an indicator of potential climate change. The literature reviews and technical knowledge required just to barely follow what Jennifer Francis is saying when she talks meteorology jargon is a pretty big ask.

I was into archaeology and anthropology(degreed) and got into paleo climatology after stating in one seminar in 1979 that “You could not understand paleoman if you did not know his environment” (put up or shut up), and I began to lead that group into a study of paleo climatology as it affected the people of that time. As is much of her reasoningand phrases like “wacky weather” is science a carnival side show to her?Caveat, the vidio I linked starts with much more opinion for the ammt. of knowledge. maybe,skip the first 19 and last 11 minutes. I take it you don’t know that he’s currently in Greenland with Dr Jason Box and the rest of the team working on the Dark Snow project.

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