Chamber of Commerce Promotion

Promote your region by using the Virtual Prize Wheel. Tourists are always look for new places to visit and more then likely start online. Attract them with giving them a chance to win something that would benefit them while they are visiting your region. You could ask the fellow businesses in your region to help fill up the wheel with different prizes or coupons, such as dinner for two at a local restaurant, 50% off stay at a local hotel, etc… With this, it will attract those potential tourists to come to your region to redeem their prize or coupon. Hopefully they will like their stay and will continue to come back year after year.

Radio Stations / TV Promotions

Promote your Radio or Television Station with the Virtual Prize Wheel. With the way technology is going, people are more apt to go online to listen to the radio or watch past shows. You can entice them to do this by having a Virtual Prize Wheel on your website. There are many ways of making the wheel work for you. Use it for Weekly/Monthly giveaways or Event Ticket Giveaways. Doing this will increase the flow of people to your website. Imagine all the new subscribers it could bring. It will help your brand get recognized with this innovative engaging promotion.

Creative Real Estate Promotion

Promote your real estate company with a Virtual Prize Wheel. When people are looking into buying a home, more then likely they start online. Attract those possible homebuyers to your website by offering a chance to win. Once they are there, they will check out your current listings and maybe spot something they like. It’s a win/win situation.  To redeem their prize they will have to come to you. This will give you a chance to talk to the possible homebuyers face to face. Another way it could be used is at Open Houses. Possible homebuyers come through to check out the house and before they leave, hand them a card to let them know that they have gained a chance to spin your Virtual Prize Wheel. They’ll be coming back to you…

To increase sales, you could use the Virtual Prize Wheel internally. Use it as a Sales Incentive. This will help get your agents to be more productive and essentially increase the sales.

Website / In-Store Retail Promotion

Promote the Virtual Prize Wheel at your store. Shopping is a many peoples favorite past time and with the economy the way it is, they are always looking for deals. When customers come to your website and see the virtual prize wheel, they will take a chance at winning something. Then this will direct them to your physical location to redeem their prize and or coupon. Once you have them, you can do monthly giveaways. This will keep your customers coming back. This will help keep your customers during the slow times.

The Virtual Prize Wheel could also be promoted right from your physical location. Set up a kiosk at the entrance. When they see that there’s a chance to win something, this will attract the window shoppers to come in and possibly buy something.

Old School Meets Marketing Technology

Established in 1881 is a small Cider Mill run by the 6th generation of its founder.   A hard working family working the mill as predecessors did.  Slowly moving into the new virtual world of websites, mass emails, and now… Facebook.

Offering  a Virtual Prize Wheel from their website to collect contact data of their visitors was highly sucessful.  The time came for their new Facebook Fan site and was to include a Viral Virtual Prize Wheel App.  The Fan site went live on about December 10, 2009.  Seventeen days later they have 1650 fans.  Highly unusual growth for a small business. 

Recently they added a custom Voting App. on Facebook. Anything to engage your Fans will produce new fans.

Take a look at fast growing Facebook Fan page with actual viral marketing strategies in place.



Restaurant Viral Coupon Promotion

When the Voodoo Grill decided on a Virtual Prize Wheel to kick up their emailing list and drive business through the door they worked out a full scale small business promotion. Adding the Prize Wheel to their site was a no-brainer. To really get people going they added the Facebook Prize Wheel App which allows players to post to their wall allowing all their friend’s see the Voodoo Grill’s promotion and play themselves.

Attached to every receipt is a simple business card inviting their customers to play. (See Below) They also use table talkers and a few posters within the restaurant. This promotion has helped out the restaurant during the slow season thus far. Many people are coming in and end up winning all over again with their dining experience. All it takes is for a patron to come in once and enjoy their time, they’ll return again and again.

Take a look at their custom Facebook Fan site to see the full integration of the Facebook Virtual Prize Wheel App at


Learn More at Restaurant Coupon Marketing

Facebook App Prize Wheel

In the small seaside town of Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts is the highly acclaimed Day Spa.  While tranquility is happening within it’s doors, the same cannot be said for what is going on at their Facebook Fan site. 

The Facebook Prize Wheel Marketing App allows people to take a Spin from the Fan Site and post to all their friends Walls increasing the spa’s visibility and name recognition. Pushing people into their Fan site and interacting with the Brand is the goal. It only took one person to post after the Spin to get the viral effect in motion.

Below is an actual posting to the Wall.



This style of a post no longer exists.


Party Prize Wheel

This one looks like fun. I think it speaks for itself. There is no end to the value of a prize wheel.  The same concept would be great for bar mitzvah’s, family picnics, Christmas parties, you name it. Everyone loves a prize wheel!


Black Friday Promotion

The below was an email from an owner of the Virtual Prize Wheel. Great Idea!

The holiday season is now “officially” in full swing and we’re kicking things off by bringing back the very popular SPIN & WIN instant savings wheel at our Boutique this weekend ONLY!

The SPIN & WIN Wheel is a fun game where you simply step up to our little laptop set up at the register, enter a few details about yourself, and hit the spin button!

The wheel spins and randomly stops on your savings…

Instantly save from 10% to 40%…
You’re guaranteed at least 10% off…

So, have a great Thanksgiving… then, stop in and save big starting Friday morning

Auto Dealership Promotions – Incentive Marketing

For automotive lead generation from the current advertising initiative, the car dealership offers potential customers a chance to play and to win prizes and or coupons from their Virtual Prize Wheel located on their website.  The leads generated from players are then used for follow up and online email marketing campaigns.  This will engage future customers in a fun way while generating new business.

Your dealership has website visitors coming and going all day long. The Virtual Prize Wheel will let you know they were there!  Virtual Prize Wheel marketing is simple, effective and measurable.

Not only could you use it to drive customers in, but you could use it as a Sales Incentive. This will increase the productivity in your sales people. The sales person that sells the most cars gets a chance at spinning the wheel.

Idea Note: Offer a single large prize over a long promotion period. Offers may include coupons valid towards a purchase, service, parts and accessories.


Virtual Prize Wheel
Automotive Dealer Promotion

Check out our newest game for auto dealers at

Facebook Prize Wheel App

You can’t get much more viral that Facebook. Add a Virtual Prize Wheel to the mix and BOOM! This Facebook application will not only drive people to your Fan page but you’ll aquire their contact data while they are playing your Facebook Prize Wheel. We will be posting a few Facebook App Prize Wheel ideas in the next few weeks. Check back with us and take a test spin on this demo Fan page. Click Here for the Facebook Prize Wheel.

Prize Wheel for Reggae Festival

State Reggae Festival

Objective: To increase awareness of event and to promote advanced ticket sales thereby generating immediate income and on-going support for the Reggae Festival.

Solution: 60 days prior to the festival a virtual prize wheel was implemented on the festivals website. Over the course of the 60 day period 3000 people familiar with the Reggae Festivals’ brand played the prize wheel. The players contact data was recorded and used to advance their advanced sales initiative and to be a reminded of the event via email campaigns.

Results: An email list of over 3000 addresses captured in 60 days, the highest pre-event online ticket sales, and the largest turnout in the festivals history.

Chamber of Commerce Scarecrow Contest

Downtown Mystic Scarecrow Contest
Businesses of Downtown Mystic Business Association of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Mystic Net Marketing are holding a scarecrow contest from October 9th, 2009 to November 6th, 2009. Everyone is welcome to vote. Voting is conducted online at

Historic Downtown Mystic is noted for its wonderful water views; but this season brings a touch of rural New England farmland to the streets. Several downtown businesses are offering their versions of the classic scarecrow. The scarecrow is iconic to the rural landscape and now, The Daniel Packer Inne, The Whalers Inn, Or-Gan-Ik, The Cooper Shoppe, Cee Cee’s of Mystic, Steamboat Inn, Mystic Gem Company, Northern Light Gems, Color Salon and Spa, Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream, and Puritan & Genesta have put him on maritime streets.

This year marks the second year that the Historic Downtown Mystic Business Association of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Mystic Net Marketing has held a contest determining the best straw-stuffed character. Wander through downtown and spot your favorite; scarecrows take on many forms along the Mystic River – from witches to chefs to spotted Holsteins – vote for your favorite at:

Voters have the opportunity not only to rank their favorite scarecrow but also a chance to win prizes from participating businesses on a Virtual Prize Wheel – from dinner at the Daniel Packer Inne to Mystic Dollars courtesy of the Chamber.

Businesses of Downtown Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Mystic Net Marketing are holding a scarecrow contest from October 9th, 2009 to November 6th, 2009. Everyone is welcome to vote. Voting is conducted online at

The winner of the scarecrow contest will receive the grand prize of a free six month banner advertisement on

This event is sponsored by the Downtown Mystic Business Association of the Greater Mystic Chamber of Commerce and Mystic Net Marketing.
There will be a 2010 Downtown Mystic Scarecrow Contest. Visit

Interactive Hotel Promotion

Objective: To create a unique interactive promotion to increase hotel reservation during the slower mid-week time period.

Solution: The Inn teamed up with local merchants to gather Coupons and Prizes that would benefit all. A Prize Wheel was added to their website with a variety of both coupons and prizes which were honored as part of a stay at the Inn.

Results: This summer long promotion yielded over 4000 names and email addresses and increased the occupancy rates during the mid-week time period.

Trade Show Booth Game: Case Study: Spa at Casino

Objective: Create awareness of a new hotel spa located at (a casino), the largest casino in the northern hemisphere.

Solution: Tradeshow Booth Game at The Chamber of Commerce event at the MGM ballroom. A Virtual Prize Wheel on a large screen TV is loaded with Spa services and prizes.

Results: A line of people for the Virtual

Trade Show Game
Trade Show Game


trade show booth game
trade show booth game

Prize Wheel quickly grew to the point of a one hour wait for a chance to spin the prize wheel. Near the end of the event the line needed to be physically shut down as it continued to grow. This 3 hour event yielded 300 winners and email addresses. Positive PR as well as an increase in brand awareness.



Restaurant Group

Objective: To build an email list to further their email marketing initiative while driving customers in for increased customer frequency to this high-end three unit restaurant group.

Solution: Add a Combination Prize/Coupon Wheel to their website. This Prize Wheel offered the chance to win a dinner for two as the grand prize, then various coupons for free drinks, dessert and a chance to win a 20% savings coupon.

Results: This continuing Prize Wheel promotion averages 30 email addresses per day and will yield over 10,000 email addresses annually.

Bank / Credit Union Promotion

Bank Promotions

Bigger financial institutions are getting a lot more attention and the smaller financial institutions are feeling it. Promote your branch with a Virtual Prize Wheel. A prize wheel will help make your bank or credit union stand out from the rest. It will help attract people to your website where you can have featured financial news and/or introduce new offers. With having the fun attraction on your website, which will increase your website traffic, it will also increase foot traffic into your branch. The winners would have to physically visit your location to redeem their prize. With a potentially new member walking in your door to redeem their prize, it could give them incentives to open a bank account, apply for a loan, or anything else that they might need.

There are many ways of using the wheel in your branch as well. It could be used as a Human Resource Incentive, sell X amount of loans and receive a chance at spinning the wheel. It would help increase the productivity of your workers. It could also be used as a Birthday Wheel, let your customers know that you are thinking of them on their special day. They come in on their birthday and take a chance. It’s fun and everyone likes to win. Always invite your customers to play the following month. You will be building your email list with people familiar with your brand.

The possibilities are endless.

Restaurant Marketing with a Virtual Prize Wheel

A potential patron visits your website and spins the Virtual Prize Wheel. Lucky winners can receive anything, from a free drink or appetizer to a half-priced entree. Of course, they will need to come to your restaurant to redeem their prize – and wind up winning again by sampling your excellent cuisine. You have won a new patron. Word of mouth – both about your restaurant and your Virtual Prize Wheel – will win you additional patrons. It’s easy and it’s fun!
The Prize Wheel is a great way to encourage customer loyalty for your business during the slow times of the week, month, or year!

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